What is VIP?
Purchasing VIP is the best way to contribute to VIP-Hotel! VIP is a donation to VIP-Hotel and our services. It is in real money. Donated money goes directly to the server. We have to pay monthly to keep VIP-Hotel online, and all donations we get help us do so. What can I receive if I donate?

*The shiny VIP-Badge
*100000 credits
*1000 credits instead of 250 per day
*Ability to get back deleted rooms
*Access to full rooms
*Access to a exclusive rares page in the catalogue
*Special commands: :teleport on/off , :drink drinkID , :whosonline , :push & :pull (Comming Soon) , :mimic (Comming soon) , :summon (Comming Soon) ,                                                :moonwalk (Comming Soon)
*Premium support

And of course, everyone will be envious of your VIP status.

How much is VIP?
VIP is $5 for life. No monthly fee, purchase it once and you have it forever!

Refunds are not allowed. They would be too time consuming and you would have already gotten all of your rares and credits if we do this. All payments are final!

So why wait?! Purchasing VIP will help us greatly! And you get many benefits from it; including knowing that VIP-Hotel will be able to stay up for longer!

Purchase VIP now using one of the following services: